Evan Quinlan

The Big Score

In Drabbles, Fiction, Short Stories on October 18, 2010 at 6:20 pm

“I’m tired of digging,” Swamper whined.

“If we don’t hide this thing, somebody’s going to eat it before we do,” Hillbuck said.

Swamper’s ears drooped.  “Can’t we just eat it now?”

“I think we need to boil it first.  Now hurry before somebody sees us with these shovels.”

Close by, the owner of Hank’s Produce peered out at the empty street corner where there was supposed to be a kid handing out samples.  Had the kid chased after those damned rabbits again?  Well, he’d better not ruin that promotional carrot costume he was wearing.  It had cost Hank a fortune.

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