Evan Quinlan

Essence of Hyena

In Drabbles, Fiction, Short Stories on January 12, 2011 at 8:21 pm

Garrick gazed forlornly into his pint of ale.  Sensing movement, he looked up to see that a man had sat down next to him.  The man grinned fiercely and clutched a frothing mug of ale still sloshing from recent movement.

“Hellllloooo,” the man anounced, “YOU look like you could use a laugh!”

“I suppose,” replied Garrick.  “It’s terrible: I own a traveling zoo and this morning I found all my hyenas dead and dried up like prunes!

“Oh,” said the man, grin fading.  “Uh, nevermind, then.”  Garrick didn’t see him slip a corked bottle labeled laughter back into his pocket.

  1. Moooooooo ahhhh haaaa haaaaa haaaaa – gave me chill! Very visual! Am forwarding to GBC as a small revenge for many many many sleepless nights!

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