Evan Quinlan

First Confession

In Drabbles, Fan Fiction, Fiction, Short Stories on March 6, 2013 at 10:00 am

This is part of a series of 27 drabbles inspired by Kyle Johannessen’s short film Devil May Care, currently open for funding at indiegogo.com.

“So that’s what I do,” said the bartender.  “Everyone who comes in here, I listen.  And no matter what horrible shit they’ve done, I tell them everything’s gonna be okay and I give them one on the house.”

“So,” said the man at the bar.  “You’re like a priest, except you give away false absolution and booze, all at no spiritual cost?”

“Pretty much.”

The man at the bar smiled.

“That makes you, like, my kind of priest.”

“You got a story, then?” the bartender asked.

“Oh yeah,” replied Lucifer, “I do.  So listen closely, it’s one hell of a tale.”

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