Evan Quinlan

The Devil May Care

In Drabbles, Fan Fiction, Fiction, Short Stories on March 8, 2013 at 9:24 am

This is part of a series of 27 drabbles inspired by Kyle Johannessen’s short film Devil May Care, currently open for funding at indiegogo.com.

Hell hasn’t existed forever.  Many think it’s the Yin to Heaven’s Yang but that’s mixing mythologies.  There is a Yin; it’s called Eternal Darkness.  But it never became Hell until Lucifer arrived.  It will revert when he leaves.

Make no mistake: Hell is a punishment devised by God for a single angel and it follows him everywhere.  Everyone knows he can’t escape it.

But not poor Lucifer, who wants so badly to return to Heaven.

Don’t cry, Lou.  You don’t mean to be evil.  It’s just your punishment.

Put down that man’s head, Lou.

You’ll sooner die than be forgiven.

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