Evan Quinlan


In Drabbles, Fan Fiction, Fiction, Short Stories on April 5, 2013 at 1:24 pm

This is part of a series of 27 drabbles inspired by Kyle Johannessen’s upcoming short film Devil May Care, currently accepting donations. Contribute and be part of the magic!

“So,” said Death, “You live in the basement of a vacant church.”

“That’s right,” said Lucifer.  “Home sweet home.”

“Does it hurt?  Can you even touch the walls?”

“Actually,” replied Lucifer, “I find this place quite comfortable.  For two reasons.”  He held up two fingers.

Death just looked at him.

“Guess,” Lucifer said.

“Alright.  The first reason is… spite.”

“Usually, yes.  But not now.  I’m trying to be good.”

“Okay, then.  You like things that have fallen from faith.”

“Bingo.  And second?”

“You feel at home living far below God.”

Lucifer thought.

“I was gonna say ‘no landlord,’ but… yeah.”

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