Evan Quinlan

The Lovely Q

In Drabbles, Poetry, Short Stories on January 27, 2015 at 6:51 pm

She’s a rare letter.

It’s hard to think of ways to describe her, like when you play Scrabble and you could get a load of points if only some impossible word were real. You can try to will that word into existence, but when she looks it up in her dictionary it won’t count for much. So you have to try your best with what you have.

She has pleasant curves.

There’s that beautiful, shapely leg.

When you see her you want to say something smart but you can only make a kind of pathetic hissing noise in the back of your mouth. She’s the kind of girl who does that to you.

Oh, there’s a string of adjectives to try… quick-witted, equal to none, quivering (like an aspen), quintessential the-girl-you-love.

In the end, what makes you so lucky is,

she goes well with you.

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