Evan Quinlan

Some Shallow Philosophy

In Drabbles, Non-Fiction on November 8, 2010 at 9:04 pm

Today I ate cows and chickens and pigs, in that order.  I ate wheat and beans and cheese and tomatoes and carrots and beets and syrup and corn and salt and apples.  I ate the Earth (it’s in my belly).  And the Earth is made of rock and dust and space and time and stars that have existed forever, by definition, and it’s all in there, in my stomach right now.  And while I’m rambling, let me just say that you and I once occupied the same exact, infinitely small point in spacetime and it’s nice to see you again.

  1. In fact, you know me from the in-side out! There and back again? Are we back or are we yet to come? Is it all a matter of perspective. . . or is it done with mirrors?

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