Evan Quinlan

Sweet and Salty

In Fiction, Short Stories on February 9, 2011 at 10:01 pm

In an effort to curb alcoholism, the FDA ordered bottling plants to insert a live bee into every 20th beer.  This had two effects: first, it curbed alcoholism.  Second, it made a multi-billionaire of  Shelby R. Danville, whose business making scuba gear for bees had heretofore floundered.  One day near the end of a financial quarter Shelby noticed that sales of SCUBEE®s had exceeded the number of bees bottled.  Curious, he surveyed a wild hive and found the bees had acquired their own SCUBEE® apparatuses and were moving their hive underseas.  Shelby set out in his yacht and was never seen on land again, although his cousin did receive a soggy letter by post that read, “When you see something called ‘reef honey’ on the market, invest.”

  1. Clever clever bees!

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